Data Analysis

Making Sense out of your data

Canvas has many useful analysis functions which, some of which using the capabilities of Excel. The data can be grouped, sub totaled, filtered as required. Integrated with Excel, pivot table can be used to get detailed data to the last level based on pivots. Canvas dashboards feature various interpretations of the data in the form of charts and data grids.

What It Can Do

  • Visually analyze and build reports all by yourself with just few mouse clicks.
  • All the data in the world won’t help if it cannot be displayed in a way that is easily interpreted. Canvas can produce sophisticated graphics like scatter plots, line charts with focus, bubble charts and the like.
  • Benefit from self-service BI is that one need not go back to IT or business analysts for new queries or reports and the associated time.
  • The ability to explore data and create charts or pivot table will change the way you analyze data.
  • Canvas supports analysis functions that an end user requires to perform. Data analysis is performed by Canvas in a simplified manner.
  • To gain insight from your data, use Canvas analysis functions which include Data grouping, Sorting, Data summarization, Cross tabulation, Subtotals and Cumulative Sub totals, Pivot tables and Charts.
    • Canvas provides Drilldown analysis with Pivot table and charts for an efficient analysis of the retrieved data.
    • Canvas provides Cross Tabulation for the user to set multiple retrieval conditions on data.
    • Use the power of various analysis functions of Excel by targeting data into pre-formatted Excel workbooks.
    • Automate the task of getting regular analytical reports with Templates and Catalogs.

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