Easy To Use

Canvas is an easy-to-use, yet powerful Business Intelligence tool which can be used by an average user. Business users can search data from the database even without the knowledge of SQL. With a short learning curve, users can set up templates, catalogs and dashboards for frequent access of analytical information.

Salient Features

  • Canvas offers smart business intelligence software that is mainly designed for its users who would like to use BI tools without any additional technical competency.
  • There is no dependency on a BI expert or SQL developer to work with Canvas on a daily basis.
  • Canvas empowers the user to analyze the output without wasting time for IT division to get result of a single analysis.
  • Canvas provides user friendly data analysis features like pivot analysis, cross tabulation and totalize data which makes the report easily understandable and friendlier to use.
  • Canvas empower every manager, business developer, controller and marketing employee to access the company’s database and make relevant queries on their own.
  • Canvas has an easy-to-use user Interface that requires a short learning curve to understand and start using.