Canvas - For Every One

Canvas caters the need of everyone in a company ranging from a normal employee to the manager. It has been designed in such a user friendly manner so that it will be easily used by everyone. The benefits are not limited to some specific users; it can be used by Employees, Managers, Leaders, Management Members and IT Administrators.


Managers can do a variety of tasks with Canvas. We have taken care in mind about the work nature of the managers. Canvas makes the complex statistical data more readable and is made easily accessible.

Canvas for Managers

  • Get the information at the finger tips through Dashboard to get the summary of current status.
  • Analyze the past data through charts to forecast the trend.
  • Drill down data through Pivot table enabled data in Excel worksheets to identify the problem points.

Power Users

Power Users are those who have administrative powers. Their capabilities are more and they need more freedom to work and they look for more data. Canvas has the solution for power users. They can compare and manipulate data with Canvas.

Canvas for Power Users

  • Create templates and catalogs using which reports can be generated easily by any user.
  • Consolidate data from different sources (domains) to get the complete picture.
  • Query the database using Query Builder or SQL Editor to get an ad-hoc report.
  • Set up reports, dashboards with a little help from the IT department.


Users would like to keep the things nice and easy. Canvas provides them an elegant interface with which they can perform their tasks quickly and easily.

Canvas for Users

  • Create reports with data directly delivered in to Excel worksheet.
  • Create your own queries using Query Builder to get specific data, even without the knowledge of SQL.

Administrators/IT Department

Administrator helps you in managing the data. They can give access permissions and restrictions. They can control each and every users' authorization through the Canvas Management Tool.

Canvas for Administrators/IT Department

  • Provide access to only specific databases or specific objects of your databases.
  • Be assured of security of the data.
  • Easily manage the application through web based management tool.