Excel Friendly

Excel files are the most widely used business file format. Canvas directly provides reports in the form of Excel files. Excel files can be preformatted to get desired reports. Canvas also utilizes the data analysis capabilities of Excel to manipulate data. However, Canvas web application does not require any Microsoft Excel component to be installed in the server.

Salient Features

  • Provides a familiar Excel interface for data addition, analysis and reporting. Makes it easy to adopt for users familiar with Excel.
  • Canvas is compatible with excel features to make the data analysis more intuitive and self-explanatory by using
    • Pivot Analysis (pivot chart and pivot table)
    • Auto-Filter and Auto-Fit
    • Sorting
    • Subtotals etc.
  • Data can be extracted and downloaded into Excel and CSV files.
  • Excel Macros can be used to automate analysis process.
  • Canvas supports Excel 2003 format and the formats later than 2007.

Dashboard In Excel

Multiple Table Data in Excel