Templates & Catalogue

Save and Execute Queries

Data search done using Query Builder or SQL Editor can be saved as Templates for reusing them again and again. Templates provide a mechanism for creating reports using Excel easily. Result of a query can be directed to a pre-formatted Excel workbook to get customized report instantly.

Catalog – which is a collection of many templates, are used to execute several templates at a time and direct the results into one or more excel workbooks.

What It Can Do

  • Save the queries as Templates and execute anytime.
  • Set pre-formatted Excel file as target for output and get reports instantly.
  • Use analysis functions of Excel (like Pivot table, charts) by redirecting data to pre-formatted Excel files.
  • Define parameters to Templates and provide the values at the time of execution to get dynamic results
  • Use Catalogs to batch process the templates and get data in same or different Excel files
  • Use Catalogs to get data from different domains (databases) and combine them in one report

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