About us

Consulting Services

  • Planning of IT system based
  • on Information strategy

SuperNet Products

  • FreeWay Server
  • Excellent
  • WebQuery
  • Nexus

Database Construction

  • Total Database service from
  • Logical planning
  • Physical planning
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Standardization.

Database Training

  • Oracle, DB2 UDB training
  • Original DB training

Overseas Services

  • Overseas business (Tokyo-Japan,
  • Bangalore-India and Melbourne-
  • Australia)
  • Offshore development
  • IT education service
  • Global sales of SuperNet
  • products

System Construction

  • Web system
  • Open system
  • Host system

Construction Services for New EUC System

I. Development and Sales of Middleware Products (SuperNet Series) for Data Access Infrastructures

  • FreeWay Server (Middle software for DWH under the distributed database environments)
  • Excellent (Data access tool cooperative to Microsoft Excel)
  • WebQuery (Data access tool used by web browser)
  • Nexus (Tool of information access and data exchange by E-mail)

II. SuperNet Special Services

  • Best Use Service Services to install the most effective EUC system in use of the above Middleware products
  • On-Use Service Various support services for the above Middleware products

Itemized Business Services

I. Information Applications Consulting Services

  • 1. System Consulting Services
    • EA promoting supports
    • Business modeling supports
    • Renewal support for legacy systems
  • 2. RDBMS Consulting Services (Oracle, DB2 UDB)
    • System Performance Improvement Service (SPIS)
    • DB (Data) Migration Support Services
    • DB Design Support Services

II. Information System Construction Services

  • 1. Mainframe System Construction Services
    • Business System Construction Services
  • 2. Information System Construction Services
    • DWH Construction Services
    • System Construction Services for Information Output and Common Use
    • Business Intelligence System Installation Services
  • 3. Database Design Services
    • Logical and Physical Designing Services of Databases
    • Programming Services
    • DBA Services
  • 4. System Management and Maintenance Service after Operation

III. Value-added Package Sales Services

  • 1. Database Product - Oracle
  • 2. Database Operation Management Product - Performance Insight
  • 3. Business Package Products - Web-based HRM Support System
  • - Billing System
  • - EDI Management System for Care Service Business

Technical Skills Available

  • Development Approach - POA/DOA/OOA (UML)
  • Development Method - Waterfall/Proto-type-Spiral/Agile
  • Distribution Architecture - J2EE, .NET Framework, SOAP (XML), MQ
  • Web Service - SOA, BPEL (J), .NET Framework
  • Application Server - OracleAS, WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, InterStage, etc
  • Java Framewok - Struts, cFramework, JBossAOP, etc
  • Database - ORACLE, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc

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