SuperNet Department

The SuperNet Department of System Consultant Co., Ltd. (KSC) has been instrumental in developing and marketing the various products of KSC. Our products, namely, FreeWay Server, Excellent, WebQuery and Nexus have been built around the prime strength of our company, i.e, Database Applications. Our core product, FreeWay Server, functions like a Middleware for the end user to help him access the Database without having to bother about the nature of the Database or the Operating System on the server. The other products have been designed to fetch, analyze and manipulate data from any Database using our core product. Our inspiration and motivation lies in the fact that over 4600 clients are using these products presently but more importantly, because they are doing so with a smile on their faces.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, more commonly known as BI, is a concept that was proposed by Gartner, Inc. in the year 1989. Using this concept, all the users, i.e, manager, power user and general users are allowed to analyze all data with all freedom. Data is the property of a company which is used for analysis, decision making and to find problems. Business Intelligence is the scheme and the activity which produces a useful knowledge for their business by storing, categorizing, searching, analyzing, and processing all this data of the Data Ware House (DWH) or the Data Mart (DM). Owing to this function, Business Intelligence becomes a concept which can be easily understood by all the users irrespective of their ability to analyze and use the data easily without some experts.

System Consultant Co., Ltd. (KSC) has been developing many applications of all industry which are finance, manufacture, distribution, health, government and other public offices etc. KSC also has given Database services since 1993. KSC has an extensive knowledge of Database skills and are one of the most reliable and trusted Database consultants in Japan. These experience and knowledge will help you store your data in an efficient manner. In addition, KSC provides a high quality Business Intelligence Tool which allows all users to access the Database from Microsoft Excel, Internet, E-mail or Web Application. Although, it is not possible to build an ideal BI system using only Database Applications and BI tool, we at KSC promise to provide an ideal BI system with the business knowledge, the know-how of Database skill and the BI tool.

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